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    Master the use of Natural lighting for Beach & swimwear fashion shoots. Model tests don't always have to be a big production; I often get asked what my physical shooting process is like for shooting model tests at the beach, so I collaborated with Breed to show what kind of images you can get with just a beautiful location and a beautiful model-- no crew, no additional equipment, and using just the sun at the right time of day.

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    The digital download includes HD video following Lucas Passmore to the beautiful beaches of Malibu along with models Cameron & Katherine, and the gorgeous Southern California sun to watch how uncomplicated pulling off a strong model test can be!

The video includes all camera settings for all shots, interviews with both models, and Lucas explaining his workflow throughout the two shoots.

Photos from the shoots:

  • Seeing Melissa in the actual shoots is very helpful for answering questions you may never have thought to ask.
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